Frequently Asked Questions/ Shipping



What's the difference between the small and big scrunchies?
Both the scrunchies use around the same size elastic 6-8". The main difference is the big scrunchie has a puffier look.

I have really thin hair, will the scrunchies hold my hair?
Yes, it should be able to hold your hair. Normally the scrunchie wraps around the hair twice. For thin hair, you may need to wrap it 3 times. I've had customers with thin hair given me feedback that it works for them!

When/Where do we deliver/ship? (we are located in Vancouver, BC)
We offer local deliveries Wednesday & Sunday evening. For any other deliveries outside of our radius, we use Canada Post with tracking! We ship out the packages every Wednesday & Sunday as well. We currently ship within Canada & USA.

My package hasn't arrived yet? (please note, there may a delay due to Covid-19)
We are responsible for any missing packages for LOCAL DELIVERIES (we deliver these ourselves and always take a picture of the package outside the door). However, for any packages fulfilled and sent to Canada Post, we are NOT responsible for these packages once it leaves our facility. Please contact Canada Post if you still have not received your package. 

How to clean the Scrunchies?
Only hand-wash the Scrunchies. Use a dime size amount of shampoo in luke warm water and lay flat on a towel to dry. 

Is Satin and Silk the same?
No, the biggest difference between the two is that silk is a natural fiber and satin is a weave. However, they do work the same when used in a Scrunchie. They both have a smooth silky touch which is great for preventing any breakage for your hair. Silk is also more absorbent and could absorb the natural oils in your hair, we currently only use Satin. 

When will sold-out items restock?
We locally source our fabric and once the color is sold out. They may or may not restock on it!

 Are the Scrunchies hand-made?
Yes! They are all 100% hand-made and no Scrunchie will be the exact same! 

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can email us @ or send us a DM on Instagram. We will check your order, if it has not been fulfilled yet, we will cancel it and refund you. 

Let us know if you have any questions or inquiries!